I have fibromyalgia, and over the years I have had the opportunity to experience many different massage techniques... However, I must say that the level of confidence and experience exhibited by Gail Day of Soft Aesthetics SkinCare, has led to the best massage experiences I've had to date... Please book your appointment now, you won't be disappointed, but you will be greatly relieved!

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Gail Day was incredibly gracious and skilled in helping me recover from a muscle tear/strain with severe bruising. After Gail's treatment and direction, I was literally on the golf course a few days later with no setback...She knows her stuff!!!

 Got 90 minute Swedish massage. Super, super fantastico! Gail was professional and enjoys her work. She worked on ALL the pressure points. Scalp and feet were not left out. She provided a relaxing atmosphere and there was no jibber jabber so you can really relax. She did check in with me occasionally on the pressure, which was excellent. Highly recommended. You won't be disappointed! 

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Had to stop by and get my monthly massage! Once I leave here I'm going to feel like a new person! Everyone needs to have a massage or facial from Gail she's the bomb!!!

Just had my first and definitely not my last facial. What an awesome experience, My face looks and feels like it did when I was twenty. Great job Gail. I would recommend this to all, who wants the beautiful skin and face thats hiding under all the neglect we do to them unknowingly through the years, but they can be rejuvenated by the proper skilled/ trained skin care professional and Gail is that and more !!!!! Thank you !

Results, yes I received amazing results from my micro current, my husband asked me at dinner if I had botoxed my face because I didn't have any wrinkles. The beauty was that my forehead and face still moved naturally unlike botoxed faces. My results were so incredible, I sent my 22 year old niece to Soft Aesthetics to have her acne treated -her words " My face was flawless the next day when I applied my make-up to go out." Whatever your skin needs, I highly recommend Gail and Soft Aesthetics.

She is the best at what she does my face looks amazing!!!!